The Evo Group Review Why Starting From the Bottom and Working Up is Important

The Evo Group - Working

With graduation season coming up, this is a time of year when a lot of young people are trying to decide on a career. Here, leading Columbus marketing company, The Evo Group, review why often, it is better build your business experience with internships than try and enter business as a graduate with a lot of knowledge but no experience.

Starting a new job teaches you a lot, no matter what your background. You can study a lot of things but you never really get to know their true applications until you have to use your knowledge professionally. When you start off in a junior position or as an intern, you have a whole load of people who can act as mentors, teaching you the right way to progress with your career and the right way to go. Managing Director of The Evo Group, Joe Arciaga, believes that the harder you work as an upstart, the better a professional you will be. He has hired people who are both highly qualified and also who seem promising in other ways.

“You can start at different levels in business” said Joe Arciaga, Managing Director of The Evo Group. “But the people that fare best tend to be those who have a strong background. The people who have been on the front end and seen what the customer really wants.” His view is in line with many other business leaders. They want to hire smart people who have something to say for themselves rather than people who have only demonstrated what they know in the classroom. You can learn way more, it seems, from work, than you can from school. This is a very important lesson when it comes to getting graduates ready for a life in business.

When it comes to business, filling all of the roles from the bottom up is hugely important. You can believe that you can do your boss’ job, when you are young and capable, but actually you still need to spend more time observing how things work to get to that point. When you start young but watch everyone around you, you can move up quite quickly by learning from others. This is something that many of the new business leaders graduating right now will discover soon!