The Evo Group Review the Benefits of Directing Marking for Small Businesses

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In a highly competitive world, the success of a business can be directly attributed to its marketing approach and timing. Direct marketing is an effective strategy that is often under utilized by small businesses. However, when you consider how cost effective it is, and how you can build customer engagement, direct marketing is something that every small business should be participating in. Here, Joe Arciaga, managing director of The Evo Group, reviews why direct marketing is so beneficial for small businesses.

“A dynamic and well planned marketing campaign can be beneficial for any business” started Joe Arciaga MD of The Evo Group. “A well executed direct marketing campaign can grab the attention of potential customers and enable you to talk to them directly about the product or service that you are offering. Traditional marketing methods enable you to sell items, but only direct marketing enables you to speak directly with the customers, and encourage them to make a decision.”

It is estimated that over 3 million direct marketing mails are sent each month. However, with the popularity of social media, many small businesses are taking to Facebook and Twitter to speak directly with consumers. It is important to understand the demographic that you are advertising to, before deciding on the style of direct marketing that you want to invest in. Millennials are said to touch their smart phones 43 times per day, and so advertising via social media and email are the better options. Older people, however, are much more likely to read mail advertisements, and so there is still a market for this form of advertising.

“As a direct marketing specialist, I encourage my clients to think about what their demographic wants”, said Joe Arciaga. “The younger generation is used to being able to talk to a brand online, and so being consistent with this form of advertising, and directly responding to messages in a short time frame, can be all it takes to turn potential customers into supporters of your brand. That is not to say that traditional offline marketing doesn’t work, however, it is more expensive, and is only worth spending money on if it is what your customers want”.

Marketing is an ever growing industry and trillions of pounds are spent each and every year. The Evo Group believe that Direct marketing is much cheaper than the traditional methods, and for small businesses it is an ideal solution, especially whilst the business is in its early stages.