The EVO Group on Why You Should Break the Rules More

At The EVO Group we’re well aware that in every industry there will be set ways to do things, and rules for how to behave and how to succeed. However if you pay too close attention to these ideas, they can actually become a barrier to true progress. Throughout history, the real innovators have all been people who break the rules. Here at The EVO Group we take a look at some people who broke the rules, and why they should inspire you.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates started his career in the software industry, which had a prevailing attitude of open source development. At the time this meant that most software was open for anyone to collaborate and also, crucially, profit from. Bill introduced new standards that basically changed the way the software industry worked, breaking every rule at the time.

Henry Ford

At a time when motor vehicles were an incredibly high-end product, and really only owned by the superbly wealthy, Henry Ford broke all the rules by creating a mass-produced vehicle that could be afforded by most people. He also paid his employees well above the normal rate, ensuring their happiness and loyalty, and making his company an extremely attractive place to work for the time.

Jim Buckmaster

Despite being criticized for his strange business practices, Jim Buckmaster’s website Craigslist has been successfully trading for nearly twenty years, surviving were many of his contemporaries businesses failed. He actively avoids making a profit from his company, focusing on a noncompetitive business strategy that allows his business to exist almost in a vacuum.

Here at The EVO Group we’re inspired by people doing something outside of the box, and in doing so, finding success in new ways. The truth is, that the terrible results you think will happen from stepping outside the normal constraints will probably not happen. You may gain some great benefits from trying something new though.