The Evo Group on Successful Lead Management

The Evo Group- Management

Managing your leads is very important if you want to increase sales. Leads are as vital as new customers are, because leads are simply, potential customers. Based on the study done by Inside Sales as well as a study from Harvard Business Review, about 55% of businesses and companies do not do any follow up on new sales and leads. This is said to be often due to the inability to return calls or even inquire about the lead’s contact information. The Evo Group has some tricks up their sleeves on how you can efficiently manage those valuable leads in your company or business.

– Remind your team who your target customers are.

You need to remind your team, especially the sales and marketing teams what kind of target customers you are aiming for. This will help them zero in on the right customers and do follow-ups on the right clients.

– Practice classifying your leads.

Lead classification is a way to organize your leads so you will know how to approach them appropriately. You need to assess the marketing efforts employed and assess these regularly so you will know which one attracts more leads. You can also classify leads based on their interests. For instance, if you manage a shopping website, where do most clicks come from? Do these generate sales? And so on. This will give you an idea, which leads to prioritization.

– Follow up accordingly.

This is one of the most basic things in managing leads, yet many companies seem to fail at this. This can be proven further by studies that leads most often purchase from the first individual who reaches out to them.

Here at The Evo Group, we firmly believe that though leads may not turn out to be permanent customers, all leads need to be taken care of and valued. Therefore, manage your leads well and you will soon see your loyal customers build up.