The EVO Group on Networking Mistakes to Avoid

People networking

Great networking skills are without a doubt one of the most important aspects of any entrepreneur’s toolkit. Here at The EVO Group we spend a lot of time polishing our networking and face-to-face communication skills. However we noticed that many people in the world of business are still making some pretty big mistakes when networking. We thought we’d take some time and take a look at some networking mistakes you should avoid, in order to really shine.

Not Valuing Other People’s Time

Time is our greatest currency as entrepreneurs, and when someone gives up their time in order to help you, and you don’t acknowledge it, you’re cheapening that gift. Chances are they won’t want to give it again. The same goes for turning up on time to meetings and events. Show people that you appreciate their time and they will return the favor. Value their currency, and they will value yours just as highly.

Treating People Like Resources

At The EVO Group we believe that people are your number one resource. However, while that’s sound business advice, people are people too. Nobody actually wants to feel like a resource. If the first time you contact someone it’s because you’re asking for a favor or a large amount of advice, you might find that the next time you get their answering service. Build genuine interest and rapport, and people will want to help.

Making it all About You

In much the same way, if every time you contact someone you are asking for help, but never seem to be around when they need some advice, your business relationships will go stale. Here at The EVO Group we believe that good business relationships are a two-way street, with both parties supporting and advising each other, with the goal that both people gain more success.