The Evo Group on Making Your Workplace More Productive


As an entrepreneur, it’s often the case that in the initial stages you are trying to focus on doing a lot, with very little resources. In this case especially it’s important to get as much productivity out of your employees as possible. Here at the Evo Group we take a look at some ways you can do this, while still maintaining a positive, upbeat environment.

Embrace Technology

More and more, businesses are using modern productivity apps and software in order to save time and effort in the workplace. Apps like Slack can help with internal communication. Trello is a great tool for organizing to-do lists and keeping track of what’s getting done. IFTTT can even automate common repetitive tasks and get them done for you, saving you time to get on with the real thinking and planning.

Kill the Noise

At the Evo Group we noticed that modern startups have a tendency to embrace modern work methods, like open plan offices and hotdesking. While these may contribute to a better company atmosphere, and also save money, they don’t necessarily always help productivity. Research by Ipsos shows that office workers lose on average of 86 minutes of work time a day due to distractions. Consider having ‘quiet rooms’, or allowing employees to wear headphones when not needing to communicate. That extra concentration goes a long way.

Outsource It

Although we may have a wide range of skillsets in our office, there will never be someone who can do everything. Often this means that people who are not skilled at doing a task get lumbered with it, in order to just ‘get it out of the way’. Hiring a skilled freelancer or outsourcing tasks that aren’t in our skillset, allows us to focus on putting the maximum effort into the things we are good at. At the Evo Group we believe that today’s outsourced marketplace is an incredibly professional and skilled pool of talent that we should definitely be taking advantage of.