The EVO Group on Making Decisions Better

Decision Flowchart

For an entrepreneur, one of the hardest things to overcome can be self-doubt. Making decisions, and making them quickly and correctly, is what sets the successful apart from the failures. The EVO Group takes a look at how to stop overthinking, and make decisions better.

Think Small

Everyone has heard the phrase ‘Think Big’, and used it too. We’re no different. At The EVO Group we’re always looking at the bigger picture. However sometimes thinking big can paralyze the decision making process. The truth is that even if something goes wrong, it’s probably not a permanent problem, and tracing every negative outcome to it’s bitter end is not helpful. Try making small decisions, in the now. The important thing is not that every step is perfect, but that overall you are moving in the right direction.

Find Your Complement

At The EVO Group we have found that people think and make decisions in different ways. The world would be a boring place if they didn’t. Some people are impulsive and so may have to deal with the consequences of bad decisions later. Others are studied and tactical, however they may suffer from a lack of momentum, when every moment is spent planning. Some people make emotional decisions, and some rational. The list goes on.

Why this is important, is because when you figure out how your mind works, you can seek advice from someone who is your opposite. Then you’ll always have the benefit of different viewpoints.

Gain Perspective

Before you get stuck about making a decision, first try asking yourself how important the outcome really is. Not every decision will make or break your business. In fact sometimes some experimentation with doing the wrong thing can lead you down a path you never thought you’d follow. Get some perspective on the problem, and then see if maybe it’s worth taking some risks.