It was a great experience working with Joe! As the owner he truly cares for his teammates and is passionate about their growth. In this relatively short time of working work him (I had to leave because I had to serve my military duty in Taiwan) I learned a lot about building a team and being a leader.

– Huan Cheng, Former Corporate Trainer 2011

As an employee under Joe Arciaga, what can I say, I had an amazing time learning the business from a great teacher while also gaining a great friend. He would ultimately go down as one of my favorite bosses all time.

– Shawn, Former Corporate Trainer 2011

Go EVO Group!  I honestly still talk about how much I enjoyed working here, it was here that I learned the important concept of EARNING your income as opposed to going to work for a wage. The leadership, and communication skills I learned here were invaluable. Being a part of an office community that constantly wants to make you better at your job and celebrates your success is important and made me feel valued as a team member. Go Joe!

– Janeil, Former Corporate Trainer 2012

Working at the EVO group has been an unbelievable experience that has gave me the strength and determination to succeed. I want to thank everyone with whom I’ve had the privilege to interact with. Joe Arciaga has made such a powerful impact on my life, what I learned at the EVO group is something I will cherish and use from now on. My experience on sales has never been the same since the EVO group. I’ve learned some of the most efficient and strong sales tactics you will ever learn in any corporation in my opinion.

– Anthony, Former Corporate Trainer 2011

I had an opportunity to work with the EVO group years ago when they first opened.  I had no sales experience and Joe took me under his week and developed me into a top sales performer.  Still to this day I use some of the inspiration the leadership team taught me years ago throughout my career now.  Great management team and even better people!

– Carey, Former Corporate Trainer 2011

The foundation of my professional career was built upon what I learned with my time at the EVO Group.  I am forever grateful for my time under the tutelage of Mr Joe Arciaga.  His lessons remain with me still today.  EVO group is not onlay an invaluable jewel on my life’s resume but an opportunity of infinite potential.  I challenge you to match the level of energy and competitive drive within EVO Group’s walls.

– Oren, Former Corporate Trainer 2011

My experience with The EVO Group is one that words do no justice for. My short 4 months with the company taught me so much about how things work, and even about myself. After working here I have a much more positive outlook on everything that happens. Everyone is very friendly and helpful in anything and everything, inside and outside of work. The training I received in sales and marketing has opened many new opportunities for me already.  All in all I would, and do, recommend this company to anyone because of the amazing values they hold.

– Chelsea, Former Corporate Trainer 2015

I was promoted to Corporate Trainer within my first two weeks, I had learned many techniques to successfully making sales, I went on a business trip within my second week, and I have been accustomed to the commitment and dedication that the business requires. I was blown away as most my initial opinions of my business changed. I learned that this business takes work seriously, but also this business encourages relationships outside of the office. I’ve spent countless hours of quality time with my team and my bosses and countless hours improving myself as a person. Many of the skills that I’ve acquired throughout the business were valuable in my day-to-day lifestyle. I am fully capable of creating personal relationships with people by building a strong rapport. I find this valuable because I plan to be an entrepreneur and a CEO of my own business in the near future. I find that if I could sell myself, and have people invest in my abilities that I can fully achieve any obstacle. I also learned that goals and dreams are not free. I learned that to achieve anything of calamity, it has a price. During the summer, I put 100% of my best to improving my attitude, improving my sales, improving my student mentality, and improving my will just to get a glimpse of what I will become if I continue to fully apply myself. Forever, the EVO Group has my undying gratitude for giving me the opportunity to learn more about business and success, but more importantly, I am most grateful for being able to learn more about myself and what I’m capable of achieving.

– Vinh, Summer Intern 2015

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