The Evo Group Review the Benefits of Directing Marking for Small Businesses

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In a highly competitive world, the success of a business can be directly attributed to its marketing approach and timing. Direct marketing is an effective strategy that is often under utilized by small businesses. However, when you consider how cost effective it is, and how you can build customer engagement, direct marketing is something that […]

The EVO Group Holiday Food Drive

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The EVO Group has always had strong ties with the community, no matter the location we work in. At the core of our business is people, and the philosophy that communication and face-to-face conversation are key to progression in any walk of life. Of course it’s important as a business to grow and create success […]

The Evo Group on Successful Lead Management

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Managing your leads is very important if you want to increase sales. Leads are as vital as new customers are, because leads are simply, potential customers. Based on the study done by Inside Sales as well as a study from Harvard Business Review, about 55% of businesses and companies do not do any follow up […]

The Evo Group on Making Your Workplace More Productive


As an entrepreneur, it’s often the case that in the initial stages you are trying to focus on doing a lot, with very little resources. In this case especially it’s important to get as much productivity out of your employees as possible. Here at the Evo Group we take a look at some ways you […]

The EVO Group on Making Decisions Better

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For an entrepreneur, one of the hardest things to overcome can be self-doubt. Making decisions, and making them quickly and correctly, is what sets the successful apart from the failures. The EVO Group takes a look at how to stop overthinking, and make decisions better. Think Small Everyone has heard the phrase ‘Think Big’, and […]

The EVO Group on Why You Should Break the Rules More

At The EVO Group we’re well aware that in every industry there will be set ways to do things, and rules for how to behave and how to succeed. However if you pay too close attention to these ideas, they can actually become a barrier to true progress. Throughout history, the real innovators have all […]

The EVO Group on Personalizing Customer Support

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Customer support is one of the most important aspects of any successful business. It can really make or break your company. Bad customer support means a bad reputation, and in an age when competition is high in business, you really can’t afford that. So what makes good customer support? Here at The EVO Group we […]

The EVO Group on Networking Mistakes to Avoid

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Great networking skills are without a doubt one of the most important aspects of any entrepreneur’s toolkit. Here at The EVO Group we spend a lot of time polishing our networking and face-to-face communication skills. However we noticed that many people in the world of business are still making some pretty big mistakes when networking. […]

The EVO Group Explains Why Customer Feedback is King


Customer feedback is one of the most important parts of running a successful business. It’s one of the best ways to gain valuable insight into your business, which you can use to improve. Recently, one of The EVO Group’s clients challenged us to get perfect customer survey scores. That inspired us to take a look […]